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1.) How to insert my photo into the frame?

You can insert your photo into the frame in 3 simple steps:
i. Open the clip on the back board
ii. -Frame without mount: slot in your photo directly into the frame
    -Frame with mount: position your photo in best position for the mount and tape it with 2 transparent tapes after you get the ideal position of the photo
iii. Put the back board back to the frame and close the clip.
Tadaa.. your frame is now ready for display!


2.) How do I ensure the frames are safely hung on the wall

It depends on the fixing on the wall. We would suggest to insert wall plug for the nails so that it could hold the weight better.


3.) How to hang the photo frame on wall in an organized way

You may try design the layout for your photo wall on the floor with the same space of your desired wall. And use pencil to mark the location for all frames on the wall before you drill the wall.


4.) Can I replace the poster card with my own photos ?

Yes, you definitely can DIY and replace the poster paper with your preferred photos or other post cards.


5.) How to clean & upkeep the frame

Use damp cloth or duster to wipe clean.


6.) Can I mix & match all Premo range photo frame?

Yes, you definitely can ! As Premo photo frames come with hanging hook so that you can buy different range and mix&match design your own photo wall.


7.) Premo photo frame is for wall or tabletop display?

Most of our frames come with stands and hanging hook as standard for both wall & tabletop display. However, some frames can be too big to be displayed on tabletop. We would not recommend a frame larger than 12R to be displayed with stands.


8.) Can I buy special size custom made frame from Premo?

We do provide customization service. You may drop your enquiry to i-sales@premoframe.com for further details.


9.) Where can I find Premo products

Premo products are sold in major retailers,eg: Aeon, Aeonbig, Tesco, Giant etc, nationwide of Malaysia.


10.) What is Premo? Where is it originated from ?

Premo is a brand born in Malaysia, brand name is the abbreviation from the slogan of “PREcious MOments” . You may find the detailed story of our brand in “About Us” page.

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